Sunday, January 4, 2009

There should be a licensing system to become a parent

A breakdown of my argument:

Many parents do not raise their children properly.

These children disrupt classrooms, steal things from small businesses, and become a burden on the state by either becoming indefinite welfare recipients or prison inmates.

This is a problem, and a solution to it is to reversibly sterilise all 12 year old males until they pass a mandatory parenting course and receive a license to conceive. The license should be issued by a simple majority of a board constituted by radical feminists and divorced single mothers. Rape victims optional.

This is ethically justified because there is no such thing as an absolute right to have children. The law puts the best interests of the child first, and it is clearly not in the best interests of a child to exist at all if it means existing as a douche-bag because of incompetent parents.

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